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Trupanea bidensicola Hardy & Delfinado

Beggarticks Fruit Fly (Trupanea bidensicola)

The Beggarticks Fruit Fly comes from the island of Kaua’i and was described in the year 1980.

It closely resembles the Thick-legged Fruit Fly (Trupanea crassipes (Thomson)) and was considered identical with it for some time.

The larvae of this species feed on the developing seeds of the Cosmosflower Beggarticks (Bidens cosmoides (A. Gray) Sherff), and probably also on other species from that genus.


edited: 23.06.2017

Trupanea celaenoptera Hardy

Brown-winged Fruit Fly (Trupanea celaenoptera Hardy)

The Brown-winged Fruit Fly from the island of Hawai’i is related to the Black-winged Fruit Fly (Trupanea nigripennis Hardy).

The species reaches a length of about 0,42 cm and has about 0,44 cm long, almost completely brown colored wings.

The larvae of this species feed on the plant tissue of several (?) Dubautia spp., whereby they cause galls on the stems of the plants they afflict.


The larvae themselves again, are obviously parasitized by the native Metallic Glossy Eulophid Wasp (Euderus metallicus (Ashmead)).


edited: 14.02.2017