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Santalum insulare Bertero ex A. DC.

Santalum insulare


Austral Islands: Raivavae, Rapa
Cook Islands: Miti’aro
Marquesas: Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, Tahuata, Ua Pou
Pitcairn Islands: Henderson Island
Society Islands: Mo’orea, Ra’iatea, Tahiti

local names:

ahi – Raivavae, Rapa / Austral Islands; Tahiti / Society Islands
a’i – Rapa / Austral Islands; Miti’aro / Cook Islands
maramia – Miti’aro / Cook Islands
nonoia – Tahiti / Society Islands
puahi – Marquesas


There are about nine varieties, of which many are single island endemics.

Santalum insulare var. alticola Fosberg & Sachet
Santalum insulare var. deckeri Fosberg & Sachet
Santalum insulare var. hendersonense (F. Br.) Fosberg & Sachet
Santalum insulare var. insulare Bertero ex A. DC.
Santalum insulare var. marchionense (Skottsb.) Skottsb.
Santalum insulare var. margaretae (F. Br.) Skottsb.
Santalum insulare var. mitiaro Sykes
Santalum insulare var. raiateense (J. W. Moore) Fosberg & Sachet
Santalum insulare var. raivavense F. Br.

The species is known with a endemic variety from the island of Miti’aro. [1]

two varieties on the Marquesan Islands. [2]


The several Polynesian sandalwood species do not form a monophyletic clade, and thus dispersed repeatedly through the Pacific region. [3]



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