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Samoana jackieburchi Kondo

Jackie Burch’s Samoana Tree-Snail (Samoana jackieburchi)

This species was described in the year 1980 and is considered extinct since.

The Rosy Wolfsnail (Euglandina rosea (Férussac)), which was introduced to Tahiti in 1977, is blamed for the extinction of this and several other snail species.

The shells of this species are exclusively sinistral (twisted leftward).


Jackie Burch’s Samoana Tree-Snail, whose taxonomy is somewhat disputed, appears superficially almost identical to a specific subspecies of the Tahitian Tree-Snail, the Reddish Tahitian Tree-Snail (Partula otaheitana ssp. rubescens Reeve), and thus is sometimes (incorrectly) synonymized with it.


Another species from the island of Tahiti that was also believed to be extinct , Burch’s Samoana Tree-Snail (Samoana burchi Kondo), was rediscovered in the year 2005 (?).



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edited: 05.10.2016