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Rhyothemis regia (Brauer)

Pacific King Flutterer (Rhyothemis regia)

This beautifully colored dragonfly species is split into at least five subspecies, which are native to the Indo-Australian region.

The Polynesian region itself is inhabited by the subspecies Rhyothemis regia ssp. chalcoptilon Brauer, which is known so far to occur in Fiji, in Samoa, in Tonga, as well as in Wallis and Futuna. [1][2]



[1] N. Mary; A. Dutartre; P. Keith; G. Marquet; P. Sasal: Biodiversité des Eaux Douces de Wallis et Futuna; Mission d’Octobre 2004. Rapport Final, Ministère de l’Outre-Mer 2006
[2] Milen Marinov; Mark Schmaedick; Dan Polhemus; Rebecca L. Stirnemann; Fialelei Enoka; Pulemagafa Siaifoi Fa’aumu; Moeumu Uili: Faunistic and taxonomic investigations on the Odonata fauna of the Samoan archipelago with particular focus on taxonomic ambiguities in the “Ischnurine complex”. Journal of the International Dragonfly Fund 91: 1-56. 2015



Photo: S. Hashizume, 2008



edited: 14.02.2016