Philodila astyanor (Boisduval)

Tahitian Hawk Moth (Philodila astyanor)

As far as I know, this species occurs exclusively on the island of Tahiti. It was originally described in the year 1875 from a single specimen (the one shown here), whose origin was not known resp. was wrongly (Mexico) labelled.

The species was redescribed again in 1990, it is a monotypic genus, that means it is a genus that contains only a single species.

The Tahitian Hawk Moth reaches a wingspan of about 7 to 8 cm.


There is a hybrid form of this species with the White-brow Hawk Moth (Gnathothlibus eras (Boisduval)), which had been described in the year 2002 as a distinct species (Papenoo Hawk Moth (Gnathothlibus collardi Haxaire)).



[1] J. Haxaire: Description d’un nouveau Sphingidae de l’ile de Tahiti: Gnathothlibus collardi (Lepidoptera Sphingidae). Lambillionea 102: 495-499. 2002


Photo: Peter T. Oboyski; by courtesy of Peter T. Oboyski