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Partula otaheitana (Bruguière)

Otaheite Tree Snail (Partula otaheitana)

The Otaheite Tree-Snail, whose name refers to it as being endemic to the island of Tahiti (Otaheite is an old name of the island), was described in 1792.

This species is nowadays highly threatened with extinction, yet somehow managed to withstand the introduction of the Rosy Wolf Snail (Euglandia rosea (Férussac)) to Polynesia, that had cost the lives of so many other endemic snail species.


The Otaheite Tree-Snail is split into four so called anatomical forms, which overlap or are linked to each other by intermediate forms, and which are each restricted to certain parts of Tahiti. They may or may not be treated as subspecies, and are named as Partula otaheitana ssp. crassa Garrett (in the western part of Tahiti nui), Partula otaheitana ssp. otaheitana Bruguière (in the northern part of Tahiti nui), Partula otaheitana ssp. rubescens Reeve (in the eastern part of Tahiti nui as well the northern part of Tahiti iti), and finally Partula otaheitana ssp. sinistrorsa Garrett (in the largest part of Tahiti nui, including the center of the island and the southern part, as well as the most parts of Tahiti iti).



[1] Justin Gerlach: Icons of Evolution: Pacific Island tree-snails, family Partulida, Phelsuma Press, Cambridge U.K. 2016


Photo: Antonio Machado; by courtesy of Antonio Machado


edited: 31.08.2017