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Mirimiri acrodonta (Hill & Beckon)

Fijian Monkey-faced Bat (Mirimiri acrodonta)

The Fijian Monkey-faced Bat was described as recently as 1978.

This Flying Fox is about 20 cm long and has a wingspan of up to 70 cm, it is nocturnal and feeds mainly on fruits.

This species is up to now known to occur exclusively in the wet montane forest (at an elevation of about 1000 m) on the island of Taveuni. It is possible, that it may also occur on the adjacent island of Vanua Levu, but this is, however, still unresolved so far.

Unfortunately the Fijian Monkey-faced Bat is considered critically endangered, the reasons for this are found mainly in the destruction of its habitat.



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Photo: William N. Beckon

(under creative commons license (3.0))