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Lentipes rubrofasciatus Maugé, Marquet & Laboute

Red-banded Goby (Lentipes rubrofasciatus)

The Red-banded Goby resembles the Red-nosed Goby (Lentipes kaaea Watson, Keith & Marquet), but is stronger colored.

The body of the male is bluish grey colored, the front of the head between the eyes is red (red nose), at the hind part of the body is a red, belt like band, which includes the second of the two dorsal fins. The anterior of the two dorsal fins, in contrast, is white in color, while all other fins are colorless.

The species is endemic to the Marquesas, where it is known from four (from which?) islands.



[1] Philippe Keith; Clara Lord; Erick Vigneux: In vivo observations on postlarval development of freshwater gobies and eleotrids from French Polynesia and New Caledonia. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 17(2): 187-191. 2006

Lentipes kaaea Watson, Keith & Marquet

Red-nosed Goby (Lentipes kaaea)

The Red-nosed Goby, which is closely related to the Red-banded Goby (Lentipes rubrofasciatus Maugé, Marquet & Laboute), was described in the year 2002.

The Red-nosed Goby occurs in swift, clear streams with rocky bottom.

The tiny males are only about 3 cm long, their front body is glimmering greenish to dark blue, the forehead is bright red to purplish red in color, the second dorsal fin and the body area below are likewise bright red in color. The females, which are about 4,5 cm long, are light brown in color and show some darker brown marbling.

The species was originally known only from New Caledonia and from Vanuatu, but was later found to occur as well on the Fiji Islands and on Wallis and Futuna. [1][2]



[1] R. E. Watson; P. Keith; G. Marquet: Lentipes kaaea, a new species of freshwater goby (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Sicydiinae) from New Caledonia. Bull. Fr. Pêche Piscic. 364: 173-185. 2002
[2] N. Mary; A. Dutartre; P. Keith; G. Marquet; P. Sasal: Biodiversité des Eaux Douces de Wallis et Futuna; Mission d’Octobre 2004. Rapport Final, Ministère de l’Outre-Mer 2006



Photo: J. Pogonoski; from: ‘Aaron P. Jenkins: A preliminary investigation of priority ichthyofaunal areas for assessing representation in Fiji’s forest reserve network. Technical report. Wetlands International-Oceania & Wildlife Conservation Society-South Pacific, Suva Fiji. 2003′

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