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Hoya vitiensis Turrill

Hoya vitiensis


Fiji: Vanua Levu, Viti Levu
Samoa: ‘Upolu

local names:

wa dra – Viti Levu / Fiji
wa tabua damudamu – Viti Levu / Fiji


This species is supposed to be endemic to the Fijian Islands, where it is known from Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, however, this or a very similar species also occurs on some of the Samoan Islands. [1]


The same infamous person who constantly describes new Hoya species almost on a weekly basis, described a new subspecies of this species in 2019 (Hoya vitiensis ssp. parksii Kloppenb.), which he based on material from the island of, quote: “Piti Leveu”. I have not seen a specimen, and actually I don’t bother to do so, I’ve only seen the blurred photos of dried plant parts that are so typical for this author’s species ‘descriptions’.

The same author in the same paper described Samoan material of Hoya vitiensis as a new species, Hoya malata Kloppenb., after having identified it as Hoya chlorantha Rech. before …. [2]

The situation goes worse and worse.



[1] Albert C. Smith: Flora Vitiensis Nova: A new flora of Fiji (Spermatophytes only). Vol. 4. Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii 1988
[2] Dale Kloppenburg: Hoya New 9(2): 1-34. 2019


edited: 09.04.2019