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Petrochelidon ariel (Gould)

Fairy Martin (Petrochelidon ariel)

The Fairy Martin is native to Australia, where it inhabits open country near water, and is usually seen near its nest sites in cliffs, culverts, or bridges. The birds nest in colonies, the nests are distinctive large bottle-shaped constructions of mud pellets, built against the wall or ceiling of a cave, a cliff, or a building. [1]


The Fairy Martin is mentioned here because it appears to have bred, at least one time, in New Zealand (two distinctive bottle-shaped nests were found in shed near Lake Wairarapa in the 1970s).

The species increasingly wanders to New Zealand, and it may again breed there in the future. [1]



[1] B. D. Heather; H. A. Robertson; D. J. Onley: Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand. Oxford University Press, USA 1997



Photo: Jim Bendon

(under creative commons licence (2.0))