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Hemicordulia australiae (Rambur)

Australian Emerald (Hemicordulia australiae)


New Zealand: Raoul Island (Kermadec Islands); North Island; South Island
Norfolk Islands: Norfolk Island

local names: –


The Australian Emerald is actually an Australian species that has colonized the New Zealand main islands only in the 20th century, with the first breeding records dating from 1934.

The species is suspected to have displaced a New Zealand endemic dragonfly species, Gray’s Ranger Dragonfly (Procordulia grayi Selys), im some regions.

The Australian Emerald is known to prefer warm water – both, the North- as well as the South Island harbour several thermal springs including hot water streams arising from them, and indeed male Australian Emeralds have been observed patrolling over such streams carrying water that is in fact too hot to touch. Of course, the dragonflies do not lay their eggs in such extremely hot water.



[1] Milen Marinov: Further Knowledge of the Colonisation of the South Island, New Zealand by Hemicordulia australiae (Odonata: Corduliidae). The Weta 39: 17-28. 2010



Photo: Dr. Milen Marinov; by courtesy of Dr. Milen Marinov


edited: 23.02.2017; 24.12.2018