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Emoia samoensis (Duméril)

Samoan Tree Skink (Emoia samoensis)


Samoa: Nu’utele, Savai’i, Ta’u, Tutuila, ‘Upolu

local names:

pili lape – Samoa


The Samoan Tree Skink was described in 1851, it is endemic to Samoa, where it occurs on all of the larger and certainly also all of the smaller islands.

The skink is about 25 cm long, it is mainly green colored and is marked with some dark brown spots of varying size.

The species primarily inhabits forested areas, where it is usually found on tree trunks and low vegetation at heights from near ground level to several meters above ground. [1][2][3]



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Photo: S. Hashizume, 2008



edited: 01.01.2019