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Glossogobius illimis Hoese & Allen

Clearwater Goby (Glossogobius illimis)


Fiji: Viti Levu

local names: –


The Clearwater Goby was described in 2012, its distribution area stretches from eastern Asia to Australia and Melanesia. The species is known to occur on Viti Levu, Fiji and is thus mentioned here, it was formerly misidentified as Celebes Goby (Glossogobius celebius Valenciennes), with which it is closely related and which it also closely resembles but which does not occur within the Polynesian region.

The species reaches sizes of up to 11 cm, it mainly inhabits coastal rivers and is especially common in the western Pacific region, where it prefers rivers with clear water that are rich in oxygen.



[1] Douglass F. Hoese; Gerald R. Allen: A review of the amphidromous species of the Glossogobius celebius complex, with description of three new species. Cybium 35(4): 269-284. 2012


edited: 15.12.2018