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Campsicnemus prestoni Evenhuis

Preston’s Long-legged Fly (Campsicnemus prestoni)


Hawai’i Islands: Hawai’i

local names: –


Preston’s Long-legged Fly was described in 2007, it is endemic to Hawai’i, where it apparently inhabits several kipuka near the saddle Road on the slopes of Mauna Loa.

The species reaches a length of up to 0,2 cm, its head is shining dark brown, the clypeus and face are brown, the thorax is brown throughout, the abdomen is brown as well and beras short hairs dorsally on each tergite, the legs are yellowish brown. The wings are up to o, 23 cm long and subhyaline. Males and females are similar. [1]



[1] Neal L. Evenhuis: New Hawaiian Campsicnemus (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 2006. Edited by Neal L. Evenhuis & Lucius G. Eldredge. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 95: 9-16. 2007


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Campsicnemus aa Evenhuis

Nukuhiva Long-legged Fly (Campsicnemus aa)

This species from the island of Nuku Hiva was described in the year 2009.

The males reach a length of about 0,34 cm, the pale smoky grey colored wings are of about the same lenght. The head is dark brown to black in color, the thorax, which is slightly shimmering bluish on the upside, is brown to dark brown colored and covered with several black setae, the abdomen is dark brown in color and likewise covered with black setae on the upside. The legs are yellowish resp. yellowish brown in color.

The females of this species are hitherto unknown. [1]


About 200 species of the genus Campsicnemus are currently known from the Polynesian region alone, new species are discovered and described regularely.



[1] Neal L. Evenhuis: Review of Camspicnemus (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) of the Marquesas, French Polynesia, with description of four new species groups. Zootaxa 2004: 25-48. 2009

Humongochela hardyi Evenhuis

Hardy’s Waterfall-loving Long-legged Fly (Humongochela hardyi)

This species, which is endemic to the island of Nuku Hiva, was described in the year 2004, together with the two other presently known species from this genus.

The males reach a size of about 0,56 to 0,58 cm. The head is grey to black in color, the thorax and the abdomen are dark brown. The legs are yellow resp. brown in color. The wings are about 0,5 cm long and subhyaline throughout.

The females are completely black in color, but show a blue-green gloss. Their legs are brown colored. The wings are smoky brown in color, the veins are somewhat darker.

This species was found on several places of the island, but always within the immediate proximity of waterfalls.



[1] Neal L. Evenhuis: Humongochela, a new genus of waterfall-loving flies from the Marquesas Islands (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). Bishop Museum Bulletin in Entomology 12: 35-43. 2004

Campsicnemus makawao Evenhuis

Makawao Long-legged Fly (Campsicnemus makawao)

This species was scientifically described in the year 2011 and named after the typus locality, the Makawao Forest Reserve in the east part of Maui.

The Makawao Long-legged Fly resembles the two species Campsicnemus penicillatus Parent from the island of Hawai’i as well as Campsicnemus penicillatoides Evenhuis from Kaua’i.

The animal is about 0,3 to 0,31 cm long. The head is dark brown, the thorax is yellowish brown and the abdomen is brown in color. The legs are yellowish white in color. The wings are about 0,31 to 0,32 cm long and subtransparent.

The females of this species are hitherto unknown.



[1] Neal L. Evenhuis: New Species of Campsicnemus from East Maui, Hawaiian Islands (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 109: 15-22. 2011

Campsicnemus aeptus Hardy & Kohn

Flightless Maui Long-legged Fly (Campsicnemus aeptus)

This species from the island of Maui was described in the year 1964, it lives in the damp forests at the peak of the Pu’u Kukui Mountain in the west of the island at elevations of 1767 m.

The males reach a length of 0,17 to 0,19 cm, their stubby wings are about 0,17 cm long.

The head is yellowish brown in color, the thorax is brown and to some extent exhibits a slight bronze sheen. The abdomen is dark brown colored and on the upper side covered with short black hairs, on the underside with a few longer hairs. The legs are yellowish brown in color.

The females of this species are not as yet known.



[1] Neal L. Evenhuis: Review of flighless Dolichopodidae (Diptera) in the Hawaiian Islands. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 53: 1-29. 1997


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