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Cyathea cunninghamii Hook. f.

Cyathea cunninghamii


New Zealand: Chatham Islands; Great Barrier Island; Kapiti Island; North Island; South Island

local name:

ponga – New Zealand

Cyathea smithii Hook. f.

Cyathea smithii


New Zealand: Auckland Island (Auckland Islands); Rangatira Island (Chatham Islands); Great Barrier Island; Kapiti Island; North Island; Stewart Island

local name:

katote – New Zealand

Cyathea plagiostegia Copel.

Cyathea plagiostegia


Fiji: Viti Levu
Samoa: Savai’i, ‘Upolu

local names: –


This species is closely related to Cyathea affinis (J. R. Forster) Swartz, from which it differs by its smaller size and its smaller indusia. [1]

It is known in Fiji from the type only, but appears to occur in Samoa as well. [2]



[1] Mark F. Large; John E. Braggins: Tree Ferns. Timber Press 2004
[2] P. J. Brownsey; L. R. Perrie: A revised checklist of Fijian ferns and lycophytes. Telopea 13(3): 513-562. 2011


edited: 12.12.2018