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Campsicnemus aeptus Hardy & Kohn

Flightless Maui Long-legged Fly (Campsicnemus aeptus)

This species from the island of Maui was described in the year 1964, it lives in the damp forests at the peak of the Pu’u Kukui Mountain in the west of the island at elevations of 1767 m.

The males reach a length of 0,17 to 0,19 cm, their stubby wings are about 0,17 cm long.

The head is yellowish brown in color, the thorax is brown and to some extent exhibits a slight bronze sheen. The abdomen is dark brown colored and on the upper side covered with short black hairs, on the underside with a few longer hairs. The legs are yellowish brown in color.

The females of this species are not as yet known.



[1] Neal L. Evenhuis: Review of flighless Dolichopodidae (Diptera) in the Hawaiian Islands. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 53: 1-29. 1997


edited: 21.09.2016