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Stenogobius genivittatus (Valenciennes)

Chinstripe Goby (Stenogobius genivittatus)

The Chinstripe Goby is an endemic species of the Society Islands, where it occurs on the islands of Mo’orea and Tahiti.

The species lives in freshwater in streams and estuaries and wanders well upstream, however, it is not able to overcome natural barriers like waterfalls and is thus restricted to the lower reaches of the streams near the sea.

The Chinstripe Goby reaches sizes of about 4,8 to 8 cm.

The species feeds on insects, crustaceans and smaller fishes. [1]



[1] R. E. Watson: A provisional review of the genus Stenogobius with descriptions of a new subgenus and thirteen new species. (Pisces: Teleostei: Gobiidae). Records of the Western Australia Museum 15(3): 627-710. 1991



Depiction from: ‘Albert C. L. G. Günther: Andrew Garrett’s Fische der Südsee. Journal des Museum Godeffroy 4(2). Hamburg: L. Friederichsen & Co. 1873-1910’

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