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Atropis rarotongana Brook

Rarotongan Atropis Snail (Atropis rarotongana)

This species was described in the year 2010 on the basis of subfossil shells, which were found in the years 2005 to 2007 on several beach areas on the island of Rarotonga.

Some of these shells, which were found in the coral rubble at the ground of a small grove of Fish Poison Trees (Barringtonia asiatica (L.) Kurz) at Matavera in the east part of the island, where empty but, however, appeared relatively fresh, and the author (Fred J. Brook) in its species description assumes that this species may have survived at least until this time (2005 – 2007).

Because of the omnipresent rats (three species occur on Rarotonga: Rattus exulans (Peale), Rattus norvegicus (Berkenhout), Rattus rattus (L.)), a survival of this species, however, is very unlikely.



[1] Fred J. Brook: Coastal landsnail fauna of Rarotonga, Cook Islands: systematics, diversity, biogeography, faunal history, and environmental influences. Tuhinga 21: 161-252. 2010