Allodessus skottsbergi (Zimmermann)

Skottsberg’s Diving Beetle (Allodessus skottsbergi)

This species, which is endemic to Easter Island, was described in the year 1942.

Skottsberg’s Diving Beetle reaches a body length of about 0,2 to 0,23 cm and is yellowish to ferruginous colored, males and females are identically colored.

The beetle inhabits the crater lakes of Rapa Nui, where it lives among. [1][2]



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[2] Michael Balke; Ignacio Ribera: Jumping across Wallace’s line: Allodessus Guignot and Limbodessus Guignot revisited (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae, Bidessini) based on molecular-phylogenetic and morphological data. Australian Journal of Entomology 43(2): 114-128. 2004


edited: 23.06.2017