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Aglaia vitiensis A. C. Sm.

Aglaia vitiensis


Fiji: Gau, Kadavu, Koro, Moala, Ovalau, Rotuma, Taveuni, Vanua Levu, Viti Levu, Waya

local name:

baubulu – Viti Levu / Fiji
boiboi – Waya / Fiji
cawaru – Viti Levu / Fiji
dawadawa – Viti Levu / Fiji
kaunicina – Viti Levu / Fiji
lidiyago – Viti Levu / Fiji
mala – Viti Levu / Fiji
qiliyago – Viti Levu / Fiji
sasawira – Viti Levu / Fiji
tawatawa – Viti Levu / Fiji


This tree, which appears to be quite common and widespread in Fiji, reaches heights of up to 23 m.

There are large- and smaller leaved individuals, which formerly were regarded to as distinct varieties (Aglaia vitiensis var. minor and Aglaia vitiensis var. vitiensis).

The species is used as a timber tree, its bark is sometimes used medicinally. [1]



[1] Albert C. Smith: Flora Vitiensis Nova: A new flora of Fiji (Spermatophytes only). Vol. 3. Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii 1985