I would particularly like to thank …

I would particularly like to thank …

all of the people, who helped me with information and pictures.:

Gordon M. Bennett; Ryan Brookes; Sylvain Charlat; John A. Clayton; Douglass A. Craig; Alan Cressler; Anne Duplouy; David W. Eickhoff; Dr. Ronald A. Englund; Neal L. Evenhuis; Virginie & Fabien (fabvirge); Dennis Farrell; Donald H. Gudehus; S. Hashizume; Donald Hobern; Jean Iron; Jeevan Jose; Philippe Keith; Angela K. Keppler; Robert B. Lachlan; Antonio Machado; Dr. Milen Marinov; Greg Miles; Patrik Nilsson; Peter T. Oboyski; Hank L. Oppenheimer; James P. Pitts; Joseph Poupin; Daniel Rubinoff; Dr. Paddy Ryan; Patricia J. Scott; Ross Silcock; Kim and Forrest Starr; Phil Swanson; Philip Thomas; Amy Vandergast; Hans Van Gossum; André van Velsen; E. Vigneux; Sandra Wallace; Keith Wilson; Haomiao Zhang

… und meinem Spezial-Wolf! 😉

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