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Leiopelma archeyi Turbott

Archey’s Frog (Leiopelma archeyi)

Archey’s Frog is the smallest of the seven known (four living and three extinct) species from the New Zealand Frog family (Leiopelmatidae), a family of very primitive frogs endemic to New Zealand.

The reproduction in all species within this family is fully terrestrial, the young hatch from the eggs as fully developed, yet still tailed froglets, which crawl onto the back of their father to be carried around for several weeks.

The females are about 3,7 cm in total length, while the males are slightly smaller at 3,1 cm.

Archey’s Frog is known from two disjunct locations on New Zealand’s North Island. But as in many other amphibian species all over the world, the populations of this species are rapidly declining, and it is now at significant risk of imminent extinction.


Photo: Dr. Paddy Ryan; by courtesy of Dr. Paddy Ryan


edited: 26.08.2015