About this blog

This blog is supposed to be some kind of database covering all the land- and freshwater-dwelling species (animals and plants) that are native to the region of the so called Polynesian triangle.

This region comprises the following islands resp. island groups:

Austral Islands
Cook Islands
Gambier Islands
Hawai’i Islands
Macquarie Island
New Zealand
Norfolk Islands
Pitcairn Islands
Rapa Nui
Society Islands
Tuamotu Archipelago
Wallis & Futuna


These island groups and their islands are not well known to most people, and documentations about them almost always only cover the ocean surrounding them but not the islands themselves, let alone their fauna and flora.

This is what this blog is trying to change.


Furthermore I will try to include as much information as possible of the pre-European Polynesian culture, the true culture away from the cliché-ridden tourist industry.


This whole blog is a one-person project, so things need time, but updates appear regularly.

Thank You for reading!   😛