Hibiscus arnottianus A. Gray

Arnott’s Hibiscus (Hibiscus arnottianus)


Hawai’i Islands: Moloka’i, O’ahu

local name:

aloalo – Hawai’i Islands
hau hele – Hawai’i Islands
koki’o ke’oke’o – Hawai’i Islands
koki’o kea – Hawai’i Islands
pamakani – Hawai’i Islands


three subspecies:

Hibiscus arnottianus ssp. arnottianus A. Gray – O’ahu
Hibiscus arnottianus ssp. immaculatus (M. J. Roe) D. M. Bates – Moloka’i
Hibiscus arnottianus ssp. punaluuensis (Skottsb.) D. M. Bates – O’ahu


Photo: Kim Starr & Forest Starr; by courtesy of Kim Starr & Forest Starr


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