Wahlenbergia pygmaea Colenso

Wahlenbergia pygmaea


New Zealand: North Island

local names: –


This species is endemic to mountainous areas of New Zealand’s North Island, where it occurs with three separable subspecies, Wahlenbergia pygmaea ssp. drucei J. A. Petterson, Wahlenbergia pygmaea ssp. pygmaea Colenso and Wahlenbergia pygmaea ssp. tararua J. A. Petterson. [1]


The species appears to be genetically inseparable from Wahlenbergia albomarginata Hook., whose species epithet has priority. [2]



[1] Judith A. Petterson: Revision of the genus Wahlenbergia (Campanulaceae) in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 35: 9-54. 1997
[2] Jessica M. Prebble; Heidi M. Meudt; Phil J. Garnock-Jones: An expanded molecular phylogeny of the southern bluebells (Wahlenbergia, Campanulaceae) from Australia and New Zealand. Australian Systematic Botany 25: 11-30. 2012

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