Parablechnum procerum (G. Forst.) C. Presl

Parablechnum procerum


Cook Islands: Rarotonga
New Zealand: Antipodes Islands; Adams Island, Auckland Island, Enderby Island (Auckland Islands); Campbell Island (Campbell Islands); Chatham Islands; Great Barrier Island; Kapiti Island; North Island; Raoul Island (Kermadec Islands); Rangitoto Island; Big Solander Island (Solander Islands); South Island; Stewart Island; Tiritiri Matangi Island; Putauhina Island (Titi Islands)
Samoa: Savai’i

local names:

kiokio – New Zealand



[1] André Luís Gasper; Vinícius Antonio de Oliveira Dittrich; Alan R. Smith; Alexandre Salino: A classification for Blechnaceae (Polypodiales: Polypodiopsida): New genera, resurrected names, and combinations. Phytotaxa 275(3): 191-227. 2016


edited: 03.02.2018


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