Lentipes rubrofasciatus Maugé, Marquet & Laboute

Red-banded Goby (Lentipes rubrofasciatus)

The Red-banded Goby resembles the Red-nosed Goby (Lentipes kaaea Watson, Keith & Marquet), but is stronger colored.

The body of the male is bluish grey colored, the front of the head between the eyes is red (red nose), at the hind part of the body is a red, belt like band, which includes the second of the two dorsal fins. The anterior of the two dorsal fins, in contrast, is white in color, while all other fins are colorless.

The species is endemic to the Marquesas, where it is known from four (from which?) islands.



[1] Philippe Keith; Clara Lord; Erick Vigneux: In vivo observations on postlarval development of freshwater gobies and eleotrids from French Polynesia and New Caledonia. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 17(2): 187-191. 2006

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