Dichaetomyia taveuniana Pont & Evenhuis

Taveuni House Fly (Dichaetomyia taveuniana)

The Taveuni House Fly was described in the year 2006, it was found during the sorting of insect trap material from the islands of Taveuni and Viti Levu.

It is a small, orange colored fly with a dark pattern on the dorsal side of the thorax.


The species belongs to a quite large genus, of which, however, only three species are known to occur on the Fijian Islands. Beside the new species these are the Elegant House Fly (Dichaetomyia elegans Malloch), which is known from the islands of Ovalau, Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, and the Orange House Fly (Dichaetomyia vicaria (Walker)), which is widely distributed, and which may not be native to the Fijian Islands.



[1] Adrian C. Pont; Neal Evenhuis: A New Species of Dichaetomyia Malloch (Diptera: Muscidae) from the Fijian Islands. Fiji Arthropods VI. Edited by Neal L Evenhuis & Daniel J. Bickel. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 90: 3-7. 2006


edited: 23.06.2017

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