Nesoropupa fenua Gargominy

Fenua Whorl Snail (Nesoropupa fenua)


Society Islands: Tahiti

local names: –


The Fenua Whorl Snail, described in 2008, is known exclusively from its type location, the very summit of Mt. Aorai on the island of Tahiti, Society Islands, it is known so far only from three empty shells that were collected from the leaf litter.

The species is very likely arboreal like its three known congenerics.



[1] Olivier Gargominy: Beyond the alien invasion: A recently discovered radiation of Nesopupinae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Vertiginidae) from the summits of Tahiti (Society Islands, French Polynesia). Journal of Conchology 39(5): 517-536. 2008


edited: 15.12.2018

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