Thyrocopa apikia Medeiros

Deceptive Thyrocopa Moth (Thyrocopa apikia)

The Deceptive Thyrocopa Moth, described in the year 2009, is endemic to the island of Moloka’i.

The moth has a wingspan of about 2,8 to 3,2 cm, the forewings are brown to dark brown to rich purplish brown, the hindwings are of a lighter brown.

The species is superficially similar to Thyrocopa subahenea Walsingham, with which it shares its habitat, both species can be separated by their genitalia.



[1] Matthew J. Medeiros: A revision of the endemic Hawaiian genus Thyrocopa (Lepidoptera: Xyloryctidae: Xyloryctinae). Zootaxa 2202: 1-47. 2009

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