Hoya pottsii J. Traill

Hoya pottsii


Samoa: Ofu, Olosega, Ta’u, Tutuila
Tonga: ‘Eua

local names:

fue sa – Samoa
fue selela – Samoa


The actual Hoya pottsii is obviously a Chinese endemic, so, does not occur anywhere else, the Samoan and the Tongan material thus cannot represent the same species.

The species, however, is mentioned in 1996 as being native to the island of ‘Eua, Tonga, and in 2006 as being native to American Samoa. [1][2]

Such material, originally identified as Hoya pottsii, was subsequently described as a new species, Hoya tiatuilaensis Kloppenb. in 2013. [3]


The true status of the plants (not being Hoya australis R. Br. ex Traill) occurring on Ofu, Olosega, Ta’u, Tutuila, and ‘Eua are still to be clarified.

The depiction below shows the true Chinese Hoya pottsii.



[1] Donald R. Drake; Timothy J. Motley; W. Arthur Whistler; Clyde T. Imada: Rain forest vegetation of ‘Eua Island, Kingdom of Tonga. New Zealand Journal of Botany 34: 65-77. 1996
[2] Diane Ragone; David H. Lorence: Botanical and ethnobotanical inventories of the National Park of American Samoa.  Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit Technical Report 170. University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Department of Botany. Honolulu, HI. 91 pg. 2006
[3] Dale Kloppenburg: Hoya New 1(2): 1-30. 2013



Depiction from: ‘James Traill: Accounts and Descriptions of the several Plants belonging to the Genus Hoya, which are cultivated in the Garden of the Horticultural Society at Chiswick. Transactions of the Royal Horticultural Society of London 7: 16-30. 1830’

(This image is in the public domain.)


edited: 17.02.2017

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