Misumenops temihana Garb

Temehani Crab Spider (Misumenops temihana)

This crab spider species lives on the Temehani plateau on the island of Ra’iatea, where it lurks for its prey in the cover of vegetation, well camouflaged by its green coloration.

The species was scientifically described in the year 2006 and named after its typus location, which was erroneously named by the author as Temihana plateau.

The Temehani Crab Spider can also be found on Mt. Turi on the island of Huahine, Ra’iatea’s neighbor.



[1] Jessica E. Garb: A new species of thomisid spider from the Society Islands with a description of the male of Misumenops melloleitaoi (Araneae, Thomisidae). Journal of Arachnology 34: 357-367. 2006



Photo: Anne Duplouy

(under creative commons license (3.0))

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