Hyposmocoma pukoa Schmitz & Rubinoff

Koa Bugle Cosmet Moth (Hyposmocoma pukoa)

The Koa Bugle Cosmet Moth was scientifically described in the year 2011. This species is so far known from the Makawao Forest Reserve only, where its larvae can be found on Koa Acacias (Acacia koa A. Gray).

As in all Hyposmocoma species, the larvae live in a larval case. This larval case is a bugle-shaped structure, and about 0,4 to 0,7 cm in length. Its color is a light grey with several darker bands, representing somewhat like growth rings that show the different periods during which the larva has expanded its case.

The adult moths are light grey in color, and display some inconspicuous, darker markings on their forewings.

The males have a wingspan of about 0,9 to 1 cm, the females are slightly larger than the males.



[1] Patrick Schmitz; Daniel Rubinoff: Ecologically and Morphologically Remarkable New Cosmet Moth Species of the Genus Hyposmocoma (Lepidoptera: Cosmopterigidae) Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, with Reference to the Spectacular Diversity of Larval Cases. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 104(1): 1-15. 2011

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