Nacaduba niueensis Lachlan

Niuean Blue (Nacaduba niueensis)

This species, which is strictly restricted to the island of Niue, is actually known since 1979, when the first specimen, a female, was collected. The specimen was recognized as something new, but was not described, since only the type specimen was available.

It was, however, only described in 2012. [1][3]

The male is more or less completely blackish brown coloured on the upper side, and bears on its wings some very few glossy blue scales, giving the wings a somewhat glimmering appearance.

The caterpillars feed on the leaves of toi (Alphitonia zizyphoides (Solander) A. Gray).

This is the only endemic day-flying lepidopteran species of Niue.



[1] Jacqueline Y. Miller; Lee D. Miller: The Butterflies of the Tonga Islands and Niue, Cook Islands, with the descriptions of two new subspecies. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 34: 1-24. 1993
[2] Brian Patrick; Hamish Patrick: Butterflies of the South Pacific. Otago University Press 2012
[3] R. B. Lachlan: A new species of Nacaduba Moore (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from Niue, southwestern Pacific Ocean. Australian entomologist, 39(2): 49-54. 2012


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