Fluviopupa tubuaia Haase, Gargominy & Fontaine

Tubuai Freshwater Snail (Fluviopupa tubuaia)

This species from the island of Tubuai was scientifically described in the year 2005.

The species occurs, as far as known, on only a single place, a small stream southeast of Mont Taitaa, it is therefore considered highly threatened.

The shell reaches a height of about 0,3 cm and is, as in all other species of this genus, translucent brown in color.



[1] M. Haase; O. Gargominy; B. Fontaine: Rissooidean freshwater gastropods from the middle of the Pacific: the genus Fluviopupa on the Austral Islands (Caenogastropoda). Molluscan Research 25(3): 145-163. 2005

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