Rhyncogonus vagus Van Dyke

Fanning Rhyncogonus Weevil (Rhyncogonus vagus)

The Fanning Rhyncogonus Weevil is a middle-sized species, the males are about 0,8 cm, the females 1 cm long.

The species is blackish in colour, and its antennae and legs are more or less rufous. It is densely clothed above with gray pile, which give the beetle an somewhat pruinose appearance, the under surface is more finely and sparsely pilose.

When this species was discovered on Tabuaeran atoll (formerly known as Fanning Island), it was intenionally thought to represent an recent introduction from one of the Hawaiian Islands. It later turned out to be quite distinct from all Hawaiian species, and was therefore described as a new species, endemic to Tabuaeran (Another endemic species from the genus was later found on another of Kiribati’s islands, Kiritimati.). [1][2]



[1] Edwin C. Van Dyke: Rhyncogonus of the Mangarevan Expedition. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 13(11): 89-129. 1937
[2] G. A. Samuelson: Review of Rhyncogonus of the Hawaiian Islands (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Bishop Museum in Entomology 11: 1-107. 2003


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