Tetragnatha marquesiana Berland

Marquesan Long-jawed Spider (Tetragnatha marquesiana)

The five, currently known, species of Long-jawed Spider species from the Marquesas are closely related to each other and descent from a common ancestor.

All Long-jawed Spider populations from the different island groups can each be traced back to independent colonization events from the nearest mainland, thus the species from the Hawai’i Islands descent from North and those from the Marquesas probably from Central America. The species group from the Society Islands, however, seems to be closest related to the species from Australasia.

Before the year 2003 the Marquesan Long-jawed Spider was considered the only species in its genus native to the Marquesas, it was already described in the year 1935.

In contrast to the species described later, the Marquesan Long-jawed Spider seems to occur on several islands, as it is known from Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka as well as Ua Pou. It is quite abundant in the higher areas of the islands, where it builds its webs mostly in the mossy crevices in the lower parts of the trees. [1][2]



[1] R. G. Gillespie: Biogeography of spiders on remote oceanic islands of the Pacific: archipelagoes as stepping stones? Journal of Biogeography 29: 655-662. 2002
[2] R. G. Gillespie: Marquesan spiders of the genus Tetragnatha (Araneae, Tetragnathidae). The Journal of Arachnology 31: 62-77. 2003


edited: 01.03.2016


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