Sesbania coccinea (L. f.) Poir.

Sesbania coccinea


Fiji: Fulaga, Marabo, Nayau, Vatu Vara, Yacata
Pitcairn Islands: Henderson Island
Society Islands: Mo’orea, Ra’iatea, Tahiti, Tetiaroa, Tupai
Tonga: Maninita, Mounu, Taungai
Tuamotu Archipelago: Anaa, Fakarava, Fangataufa, Hao, Kaukura, Makemo, Mataiva, Napuka, Niau, Pukapuka, Rangiroa, Raroia, Tahanea, Takapoto, Tepoto Nord, Tikehau

local names:

afai – Tahiti / Society Islands
faifai – Tupai / Society Islands
kofai – Niau / Tuamotu Archipelago
kohai – Raroia / Tuamotu Archipelago
‘ofai – Tahiti / Society Islands


The taxonomy of this species is very confusing, it is thought to contain several varieties, of which some, of course, may not be valid at all.

The species contains at least two subspecies, of which one, the nominate form, is of Melanesian origin, occuring in Polynesia only on a few islands within the Fijian and Tongan islands, while the other one, ssp. atollensis (H. St.John) M.-H. Sachet is endemic to eastern Polynesia, where it occurs with three varieties on the Pitcairn Islands, the Society Islands and in the Tuamotu Archipelago.


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