Aukena tridentata (B. Baker)

Three-toothed Aukena Hive Snail (Aukena tridentata)

The Three-toothed Aukena Hive Snail was described in the year 1940 based on empty shells that had been collected in the year 1934 during the ‘Mangarevan Expedition’ on the islands of Aukena and Mangareva.

The shells reach an average size of 0,55 cm in diameter.

The shells were found in the sandy soil of small coastal plains, that are now completely modified for small-scale agriculture. [1][2]



[1] H. Burrington Baker: Zonitid snails from Pacific Islands: Hawaiian genera of Microcystinae. Bishop Museum Bulletins 165 : 105-201. 1940
[2] Philippe Bouchet; Ahmed Abdou: Recent Extinct Land Snails (Euconulidae) from the Gambier Islands with Remarkable Apertural Barriers. Pacific Science 55(2): 121-127. 2001

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