Cyclosorus decadens (Baker) comb. inet.

Cyclosorus decadens


Fiji: Vanua Levu, Viti Levu
Tonga: ‘Eua
Wallis & Futuna: Futuna

local names: –



[1] F. Badré; M. Hoff: Les Ptéridophytes des Iles Wallis et Futuna (Pacifique Sud): écologie et répartition. Feddes Repertorium 106(3-4): 271-290. 1995
[2] P. J. Brownsey; L. R. Perrie: A revised checklist of Fijian ferns and lycophytes. Telopea 13(3): 513-562. 2011
[3] Li-Juan He; Xian-Chun Zhang: Exploring generic delimination within the fern family Thelypteridaceae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 65: 757-764. 2012

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