Hibiscadelphus woodii Lorence & W. L. Wagner

Hibiscadelphus woodii


Hawai’i Islands: Kaua’i

local names:

hau kuahiwi – Hawai’i Islands


This species grew in the Kalalau Valley on the island of Kaua’i, where it was first discovered only in the year 1991 – at that time only four individuals were alive.

All attempts, to propagate these plants vegetatively in some way (by air layering, grafting or cuttings) failed.

The remaining shrubs indeed bloomed, and the  flowers were even visited by endemic, nectarivorous drepanid finches (Kauai Amakihi (Hemignathus kauaiensis Pratt)), but seed development was never observed.


The demise of the species was initiated by a large fallen boulder, which injured three of the last four individuals in such a way, that they, until 1998, died back completely.

The only remaining shrub was found on the 17 August 2011 to be dead as well.



[1] D. H. Lorence & W. L. Wagner: Another new, nearly extinct species of Hibiscadelphus (Malvaceae) from the Hawaiian Islands. Novon 5: 183-187. 1995
[2] Kenneth R. Wood: Possible Extinctions, Rediscoveries, and New Plant Records within the Hawaiian Islands. Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 2011. Edited by Neal L. Evenhuis & Lucius G. Eldredge. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 113: 91-102. 2012





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